Functional and Stylish Nursing Work Bag


Being a nurse means being prepared for anything and carrying the right tools in my bag. I was using a tote bag but my shoulders started to hurt from the weight and pressure of the bag. I do have a locker that I keep specific items in but considering how small the locker is I tend to take a lot of items home with me. I decided to purchase a back bag from Target so this way it holds all my supplies and I no longer have to carry a purse. I do keep a small bag in my locker but I will cover that in another post.

Some essentials I carry include my stethoscope, umbrella, clipboard, orientation packet, pens and a calendar. I also keep my wallet, hair ties and misc items that every women needs.  This bag is perfect because it is made of nylon so it is easy to clean and my items stay dry if it rains. Plus it has a ton of pockets to stash smaller items in. The zipper is gold which I am a sucker for!



You can find this bag at Target >>HERE<<  The bag comes in multiple colors so if you are not a fan of stripes. I have been carrying my bag for over a week and it is super comfortable on my shoulders and back. Do you carry a tote, purse or back bag to work? I am all about convenience, functionality and style so this bag is perfect for me.


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